Alpha 1 – Day 10

Posted Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Alpha 1 Trip Update Day 10 – Avery, student

Today we woke up and found ourselves at The Baths! It was CHALLENGE DAY! We explored the caves at the baths and jumped off Jump Rock, which was really fun. Later, Danielle, Connor, Elise, Molly and I participated in a music video on the beach. Then, all by ourselves we sailed from The Baths to Monkey Point. Everyone worked together through the sail and Noah and Molly really shone as rock star leaders.  Connor was eager to help at every opportunity and would always volunteer for the hardest positions during maneuvers. He was also an amazing navigator who helped the crew through the tricky layout of islands north of Tortola. Then we showered and ate a yummy dinner of veggie and chicken pesto pasta that we improvised with our leftovers. It was a tough day, but really fun all the same.


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