Sierra 1 Diving Photos

Posted Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Sierra 1 students have already discovered the underwater world of the Caribbean, and on Wednesday they will be diving with Armando Jenkins, an acclaimed underwater photographer!

Since Armando is a professional photographer, his site is set up for e-commerce. You can view the proofs for fun, and if you’d like, you can purchase prints by transacting online. Armando also offers various packages for digital image files. Choose 10 digital images for $150, 20 images $250 and 30 images $350. If you’re interested in buying digital images, please contact him directly via email at

To view photos taken by professional photographer Armando Jenkins, please visit, click on “see your photo’s” and then click on the “Sail Caribbean 2012″ icon.  Choose the albums starting with “Sierra…” and enjoy the proofs.

And here’s a little more on Armando’s impressive background:

As the founder and owner of Armando Jenik Underwater Film and Video Underwater Production Services, Armando has lived in the BVI for over 25 years and specializes in Underwater cinematography and digital photography. Jenik’s professional resume includes a long list of print publications, including Geo Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Skin Diver magazine, and Gentlemen’s Quarterly. He also has numerous film production credits including several on camera appearances, including Cousteau’s “Humpback Whales” filmed in St. Thomas, USVI and underwater stunt work for Columbia Pictures and NBC. Armando was the underwater stunt double for Terry Kiser as Bernie in “Weekend at Bernie’s, Part 2″. He has won two Emmy awards and a Mobius award for the best creative commercial. He worked as director of underwater photography on several film productions including “Commandments”, “Bare Essentials” for Republic Pictures And “Self Catering”, a British production film in Tortola.


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