Sierra 1- Day 12

Posted Monday, July 2nd, 2012 at 10:08 am

Sierra 1- Trip Update Day 12, by Graham Benton Program Diector

Today we awoke in Marina Cay. Tonight we will sleep almost ten miles away at Nanny Cay. To start this great day we went for a quick swim in the morning and then had a lesson about the differences in Diurnal and Nocturnal oceans. Plankton, the driving force of the oceans, has a huge amount of movement and change in lifecycle at night. We talked about how the corals come alive at night and feed. After the lesson, around 10:30, we dropped the ball and headed to sea. As we headed out we where swarmed by boats! There were other boats doing maneuvers and working in the channel. After clearing them, we all worked to put up the sails and then fell off and headed south. Underway we reviewed the rules of rights of way and went over the principles of sail power.  Nanny Cay has floating docks so they are only about one foot above the water, making fending a new game! Luca docked us with amazing precision. He has come so far in recent days with his sailing skills! After we arrived, we all headed to the beach to jump in the water and do some true-course and group building activities. Afterwards we headed back to the boats and started cleaning our boats. We all finished up our chores in plenty of time to get ready and head to the dive boat that just arrived on the end of the dock. While most of us where gone, Jen and Michael stayed back and checked out the shops, hung out on the beach and played around the marina. Dinner was prepared prior to the divers getting back by some of the staff as well as the non-divers and some foxtrot students came over and helped as well. Dinner was stuffed peppers and Spanish rice, well taken by all! After dinner, everyone went diving for the first night dive. It was amazing! We got to see the bioluminescence, giant polycheate worms, feeding corals and anemones. After everyone got back, it was shower time (the showers at Nanny are amazing!) and then to bed we went!

Another beautiful day in the BVI!!


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