Alpha 1 – Day 7

Posted Saturday, June 30th, 2012 at 11:56 am

Alpha 1 Trip Update Day 7 – Katelynn, Captain

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA! After travelling from Savannah Bay to the Bitter End Yacht Club, the crews of Persephone and Isle of Skye met up on shore, pumped for  a day full of small boats, beach time, water sports, and shop perusing. Madison, Bronte, and Noah cruised around on a Hobie, while Robyn, Amanda, and Ellie went tubing. Later on, Molly, Katie, Danielle, and Connor played some water games, and bounced around on the water trampoline. All afternoon, everyone took advantage of all that the Bitter End had to offer. Once the sun started to draw near the horizon, everyone headed back to their own boats to eat dinner, then go back to shore for a dance party. But SURPRISE! Instead, we ski boated over to Leverick for a Friday Night Jumbie Party!!! Everyone danced like crazy, and had a blast watching and dancing with the jumbies, who danced around effortlessly on stilts. Finally, exhausted from the day, we all headed back to boats for the night. Back on Isle of Skye, the girls celebrated Amanda’s birthday with cake, before also hitting the sack after a fun-filled day.


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