Alpha 1 – Day 6 & New Photos

Posted Friday, June 29th, 2012 at 11:07 am

Alpha 1 Trip Update Day 6 – Crew of Isle of Skye

“Today we sailed all the way from nanny Cay to Savannah bay. When we got to Savannah, I steered the boat through anchoring because I am trying to get my bosuns certification!” – Robyn

“Tonight, I helped plan for the chili cook-off, then helped my team decorate for our ‘Thriller’ theme!” – Amanda

“This evening, I made delicious chili for the first time, with everything from chocolate and meat to seasonings and veggies. It was awesomely tasty, and I think we definitely won the cook-off.”  -Ellie

“Ahoy! Today I started to understand sailing much better, especially tacking, and made Halloween decorations for our chili cook-off!” – Madison

The highlight of my day was making the chili for the Chili Cook-off. Ellie helped me cook the food, and the Chileans seemed to love our secret recipe!” – Bronte



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