Alpha 1 – Day 5

Posted Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Alpha 1 Trip Update Day 5 – Elise, Program Director

Today we woke up to beautiful Little Harbor on Peter Island. The crew on Isle of Skye went off for a swim all the way to the edge of the Little Harbor to start off their day. It was a long swim, and very impressive!  After breakfast, we got back in the crystal clear water to begin the day’s activities with some water sports! Lots of fun was had by all, and Danielle and Katie even found a way to stay on the tube for almost 5 minutes!!! It was so cool! When everyone was done with the fun and games of the morning, everyone upped anchored and headed for Nanny Cay. It is a beautiful place on the Western end of the island of Tortola. Once we arrived, every one went to eat ice cream, explore to the shops, and sail Sail Caribbean’s beautiful little Colgate 26, Opal Bella. We ended the day with a fun social on the beachfront, complete with cold drinks and beach games. We even played capture the flag -it was the best! After a crazy fun eventful night, everyone headed off to bed for a calm night on docks.


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