Sierra 1 – Day 7

Posted Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Sierra 1 Trip Update Day 7 – Graham, Program Director

Hello world! And what a wonderful world it is. However, we are on docks and like the saying goes, “A ship is safe at harbor, but that is not where a ship is meant to be” while it is still safe out in the channel of the British Virgin Islands, we were going to see by sailing to Mountain Point. After the provisioning arrived around 9:00 a.m., we all headed toward getting the boat ready once more to set sail. As Zach de-docked us flawlessly (what’s new, right?) we headed out of the channel and plotted our course up to Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda. Under sail we learned about different points of sail as well as the different parts of the sail such as the luff, tack, foot, clew, leech and head. The sail was a long and enjoyable one. Kristen, Brittany, Luca as well as Zach and others helped to steer us up wind, leading us through the necessary tacks that would take us up around Beef Island, The Dogs, and to the upper reaches of the BVI. When we arrived we had a review lesson marine symbiotic relationships, and then people had the option to hop in the water and snorkel around for a bit before dinner was ready. The afternoon involved a boat meeting and doing the Full Value Contract as well as several rounds of Indian Chief. It was off to bed early because we have diving in the morning!



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