Foxtrot 1 – Day 7

Posted Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 10:54 pm

Foxtrot 1 Trip Update Day 7 – Erica, Program Director

Mountains.  Not exactly what one envisions when one thinks of sandy Caribbean beaches, yet Foxtrot encountered two of them today.  This morming the crew went on a truck tour of Tortola with Perry, the Operations Manager.  After winding up the steep roads behind Nanny Cay, they reached to top of Sage Mountain (521 meters high), and were met with amazing views of the open ocean, surrounding isles, and inner workings of Road Town Harbor.

Upon their return to Village Cay, Nick and Alyssa bravely de-docked their respective vessels and set a northeasterly course to the island of Virgin Gorda, supposedly named by Christopher Columbus.  The crews had a fast sail, running a close reach with a good breeze.  Mountain Point is a quiet cove with a view of the open ocean and a 414 meter high mountain backdrop.  Once anchored, Desda and Beta taught a lesson on coral, and the first Coral Watch began!  Coral Watch uses the color and types of coral to monitor the health of a reef.  A stingray and a cool sea urchin were spotted.  Alyssa, Layton, Julia, and Hartley held the urchin and giggled as it used its tube feet to stick to their hands. After lasagna dinner, the crews jumped back in for a night snorkel featuring huge tarpon and a slipper lobster.  Tomorrow the Foxtrot crew leavest the highest points in the British Virgin Islands to set sail for the hidden gem whose highest point is only 28 feet above sea level – Anegada, the “drowned island”!


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