Delta 1 – Day 2

Posted Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Delta 1 Trip Update Day 2 – Kieran, Program Director

This morning we woke up EARLY! In order to leave the lagoon of Saint Martin we had to be at the drawbridge at 8:30 a.m., which meant an early morning of bathroom runs and brushing teeth on docks before we had a staff de-docking. Our staff brought us out to Marigot Bay, where we quickly anchored, made an egg muffin breakfast, and then set about learning how to live aboard our vessels. It is amazing how much there is to learn: all of the lines on the boat, winch safety, how to use the marine head, how to use the galley, the electrical switchboard, the VHF… the list goes on and on forever.

After lunch, the crew – directed by staff members – took up anchor on their own, practiced raising sails, and set sail east to Anse Marcel, a small quiet inlet upwind of Marigot Bay.  The trip allowed for our boats to practice tacking! Everyone got to spend time at the helm of the boat, and with the strong winds we had today, they all got to feel what it is like to master the helm of a heeled over boat!

It was a glorious sail, and upon arrival, we had a shower demo and some time to swim, relax and appreciate our location. Needless to say, after our dinners onboard our respective boats (tacos!), we were all exhausted, and settled in for an early evening, excited to explore more of the islands!


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