Charlie 1 – Day 4

Posted Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Here are Charlie 1 students’ highlights from Day 4 of their Sail Caribbean adventure!

Athan: Taking an underwater photography class, seeing an eel, and learning how to work camera.

Annie: Seeing the massive eel that scared her.

Matt: Tubing!! So fast and fun.

Megan: Sailing on Opal Bella! The boat is so responsive, and it really feels like we are flying!

Harry: Hiking! Just getting lost on the island is super fun

Isaac: Tubing!

Josh: Tubing!

Austin: Going on the dive boat and getting to see how it operates!

Steff, Laura, and Sondra: The Sunrise hike!  Seeing lots of hermit crabs, and having a million little adventures throughout the day.  Plus, the dive was absolutely amazing!



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