Foxtrot 1 – Day 6

Posted Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Foxtrot 1 Trip Update Day 6 – Nathan, student

Today we attempted turtle tagging.  The morning began with a turtle tagging lesson from our staff.  Proper turtle tracking technique involves a flying v formation, with the back two people distracting the turtle while the third comes directly behind and grasps the turtle’s carapace at the head and tail.  Jess (our Mate) and Fray (the fleet Captain) touched a turtle, but were not able to hold on long enough to get the turtle to the surface. If they had, the next step would be to calm the turtle by laying it on its back, and take measurements and tag it for future tracking purposes.

Once back on the boats we set sail for Village Cay.  Our approach to the harbor was made exciting by the first squall of the summer!  Though the wind and rain passed quickly, the crew enjoyed sailing in a tropical downpour.

Following a successful docking in a tricky berth, the crew had warm water showers and relaxed on docks before wandering around for a couple hours.  A marine biology seminar ended the evening.  Tomorrow there will be provisioning in the morning, followed by a truck tour of Tortola!


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