Foxtrot 1 – Day 5

Posted Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Foxtrot 1 Trip Update Day 5 – Shandy Buckley, Mate

Today was an action packed water sports extravaganza. It began in Little Harbor, Peter Island with diving for the divers, and snorkeling, fender floating, and Apples to Apples for the non-divers — all before lunch. In the afternoon we traveled 2 miles up the coast to Great Harbor, where Dan met us in a ski boat for waterskiing and tubing. Alyssa and Elliot had long runs on the wakeboard and water skis, and Layton went tubing for the first time! After dinner and cleanup there was one more surprise for the night: a marine biology lesson on bioluminescence.  Essentially meaning “living light”, bioluminescence is caused by a light-emitting chemical reaction in bacteria cells.  Even though the water was pitch black, everyone jumped in with masks and snorkels for a chance to catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon.  Just off the stern of the boat the snorkelers formed a ring in the water and made “finger-painting” movements underwater, causing what looked like underwater sparks!  It was magical to see these tiny fiery dots — like swimming in miniature constellations of stars.  After getting their fill of the biolum, everyone returned to their respective boats tired and salty, but happy nonetheless…and looking forward to their first turtle tagging lesson tomorrow!


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