Staff Training B – Day 8

Posted Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Staff Training B Trip Update Day 8 – Challenge Day!

The Sail Caribbean staff definitely got as much as possible out of their last full day on the water before the start of programs.  As soon as boats de-docked from Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor the captains and mates on each boat left the rest of the decision making – from putting up the sails to conducting lessons to practicing man overboard drills – to the new staff.  It was a particularly good day to practice man overboard drills, as the windy and wavy conditions upped the difficulty level of the exercise.  All of the crews successfully and methodically completed the maneuvers before arriving at Manchonieel Bay for a quick lunch before most of the staff prepped for an afternoon SCUBA dive.

The group met Sail Caribbean Divers at the dock on the beach, and after an overview of diving procedures the boat departed for Devil’s Kitchen, a dive site towards the windward side of Cooper Island.  Visibility was excellent as divers floated along the overhanging reef and scattered underwater boulders which provide haven for parrotfish, soft corals, and eels – though no invasive lionfish were spotted.

The evening finished up with a boat clean, the training session’s last staff meeting, and the much anticipated Chili Cookoff!  The crews of each boat cooked huge pots of chili with all of the leftover ingredients from the last few days, and themed their boats with choreographed dances, music, and decorations like flashing lights strung from the rigging.  After the chili feast and final boat clean, crews wrote letters to selves (each staff member writes a letter to their future self to be delivered in a few months time), and took crew and bosun tests to complete their Sail Caribbean standards.  After staff calling home to wish their dad’s a happy Father’s Day, it was off to bed for tomorrow’s early wakeup call.


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