Kent Sierra – Day 13

Posted Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Kent Sierra Trip Update Day 13 – Graham Benton, Program Director

It is amazing how fast these two weeks have gone by. Today, we are about to wrap up the last few days of the program. The began by motoring from Monkey Point — where we have stayed for the last two nights — to The Baths. We learned how the amazing, giant granite boulder formations were created from Shandy’s on plate tectonics, which explained how the Caribbean Plate shifted under the North American. We then went on a snorkel, examining coral health as we swam. We found two lionfish on the way, which Graham and Kyle killed with a BBQ fork!

When the snorkel was over we headed to the boats and prepped our lunch as we raised sails for Cooper Island — the last time we would be able to sail as a crew without the motors on! We raised our jibs and headed downwind on a broad reach.  When we arrived at Cooper Island, it was time to clean. We set up our duty list and then got down to business, cleaning cabins, heads, cockpits, etc. When we were done, we did our last motor, landing on the “T” of B dock. Our last night was spent writing plane letters and ensuring that all the evaluations of the program were completed. After dinner and paperwork, we headed to Charlie T’s for dessert together. At the table, Adam all of the students and staff sign one of the burgies that we flew.  He plans to hang it at the Kent School.  We returned to the boat, finished up some of our letters and notes to each other, then went to sleep for one final time aboard the boats.


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