Kent Sierra – Day 11

Posted Sunday, June 17th, 2012 at 8:54 am

Today was an amazing day. We started the day with a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, and then a few of us prepared for our second to last set of dives. (Sadly, Sarah and Katie had to leave after breakfast to go home for school. Shandy took them all the way to Puerto Rico to say goodbye.)  The rest of us worked on our projects, and Trevor and Emma went snorkeling with Kyle at Marina Cay. The divers had a great dive and were able to spot octopus, a nurse shark, and all of our favorite fish. The snorkelers got the chance to see some reef squid, which made them very excited – even inspiring Trevor to write about cephlapods.  When the divers returned we ate lunch and motored to Monkey Point, one of the most picturesque places in the British Virgin Islands.   Kyle and Lizzie taught a lesson about turtles, and then we promptly got in the water to try and find either a hawksbill or a green sea turtle. We had no luck, but we did have a great snorkel!

Hungry, we returned to the boats to prepare for a chili cook off. While we were cooking, the staff spoke to a local fisherman, who had caught a 6 foot tiger shark. He brought the shark over to our boat so we could learn about the anatomy of the shark. What a surreal experience! After the shark left, we finished the chili and presented the dinners to our judges from “Chile”. Berlin had a pirate theme and they even made Adam walk the plank. Geneve stuck to a more relaxed presentation and enjoyed the company of the judges. We finished the night by watching the tarpon swimming under the boat and gazing at shooting stars overhead.


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