Kent Sierra- Day 8

Posted Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 11:37 am

Kent Sierra Trip Update,  Trevor Adams,student onboard Geneve

Today was an early day. The captains and mates got up early and left the mooring ball at 6am and did not wake us up until 7. We ate breakfast underway, and sailed to Anegada. On the way there, we saw dolphins. Geneve only saw 1, but Berlin saw 3. When we arrived to Anegada, we took a taxi to Lob Lolly bay to have a lesson about sharks, rays, and skates. Once the lesson was over, we ate lunch and prepared for a snorkel. The snorkel took us over old reefs and we were able to swim through lots of coral overhangs. Once we snorkeled, we got some ice cream and shopped around. At 2:30 we headed back towards our boat and sailed to Vixen point, where we enjoyed honey mustard chicken. Over all it was a good day.


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