Early Bravo -Day 9

Posted Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 11:13 am

Early Bravo Trip Update Day 9 – Jeff Pollock, Fleet Captain

Challenge Day!  Last night the staff members presented a challenge to the students: get the boat off the mooring ball at Bitter End Yacht Club, sail to Anegada, and pick up a mooring without any assistance from the staff.  The students awoke today eager to tackle the task at hand.  Captains Brandt aboard Venture, Maddy aboard Monet, and Will aboard JP expertly guided their crews out of the North Sound of Virgin Gorda and off towards the horizon before navigating the tricky channel into the anchorage at Anegada.

Once safely moored off shore, the crews got a short truck tour of the island on the way to Loblolly Bay, a beautiful stretch of white sand and protected reef on the outer side of the island.  There, staff members Sondra, Desda, and Matt presented a marine biology lesson on coral before everyone headed out into the turquoise water for a snorkel while checking the health of the reef.  The three boats then had a friendly competition to see who could collect the most trash and make a sculpture symbolizing the importance of environmentalism.

Ice cream, sodas, and smoothies followed before a delicious dinner out at The Big Bamboo.  Once everyone had their fill of lobster, fish, conch, and chicken we all headed back to the boats to discuss and recap a successful challenge day!


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