Echo 2- Day 4

Posted Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Echo 2-Trip update Day 4- Brandon, student onboard Sao Jorge

We started this morning with a discussion on navigation and talked about our overall plan for the day.  We split into two groups , the first group went sailing on Opal Bella and the second group practiced hooking a mooring ball. Now that we were more experienced with maneuvering Opal Bella we jibed, instead of tacking on all of the turns. Jibing was more difficult than tacking, but once the concept of turning it was invigorating. Hooking on the mooring ball proved much more difficult than we all had thought. The wind blew the bow of the boat around, which made the job at the helm confusing. After trial and error the entire group tackled the challenge, understanding how to counter steer against the wind. Once the groups finished both activities we met up and began to set sail for our new destination Little harbor, Peter island. We settled for the night and finished with a chicken dinnner.


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