Echo 2 – Day 2

Posted Sunday, June 10th, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Echo 2 Trip Update Day 2 – Alexis Brinkerhoff,  Echo 2 student onboard Sao Jorge

The group traveled northeast via motor boat (each student getting a chance to drive) to the Bitter End Yacht Club to sail Lasers, a type of small sailboat.  After Claire gave a short introduction to sailing terminology, the students paired up to get a feel for the roughly 14 ft. long boats and how they handle. All the boats were tipped over at some point (which is normal, considering they’re small and respond very quickly to changes in wind, steering, and sail trim), righted, and sailed back to shore after a few hours of fun on the water.  Bringing them ashore was challenging at times due to the difficulty of stabilizing the boats while de-rigging.

After a filling lunch at The Crawl Pub consisting of chicken, Mahi Mahi, pizza, and quesadillas, the students headed back out to sea on the same dinghy boats. Some sailed upwind to explore Saber Rock, and others remained in closer waters exploring the other yachts in the area. Albeit unsteady at times,  the students felt comfortable by the end of the day. The Lasers were a great introduction to sailing and so much fun to take out on the water! It was a tiring yet fun day, and I’m sure another great day will abound tomorrow as we head out on a larger boat of twenty-six feet.



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