Early Bravo – Day 5

Posted Sunday, June 10th, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Early Bravo Trip Update Day 5 – Eric von Aschewege, Early Bravo Program Director

The Bight at Norman Island is a fantastic harbor with sheltered waters, a pristine beach at the head of the bay, and…pirates!  Believe it or not, Robert Louis Stevenson based several the ideas for his novel Treasure Island off tales of pirates on Norman Island.  This morning, while divers had open water dives off the island, everyone else went snorkeling at the sea caves along the island’s coast.  The rock has been hollowed out by erosion from ocean waves for thousands of years, leaving deep caves perfect for exploring from the water. Armed with flashlights and high spirits, staff and students ventured into the caves and saw hundreds of Sergeant Major fish.

Back at the bight, there was tubing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing, as well as a little bit of down time for students to swim around the boat or read a book.  Once the divers returned, everyone dropped their moorings and headed out for a short sail to Nanny Cay.

Venture was the first boat to dock, with Claire at the helm and expert spotting from Fred.  Monet followed close behind with Connor at the helm, and J. Phaurom soon arrived with Elle steering.  Students were eager to go ashore to shops and get ice cream, but first had to prepare their boats for a cleaning inspection by their director.  All boats passed with flying colors, students phoned home, and shore leave was granted!

This evening several students gathered to play Apples to Apples on Monet, while others headed to bed for an early night’s rest after a busy day of exploration.


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