Kent Sierra Day 3

Posted Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 12:57 pm

 Kent Sierra Trip Update Day 3- Kyle Pierson, Kent Sierra Captain.

Today was another busy day, with many adventures and bonding experiences. The day began sunny and warm, with a breakfast of cereal and bananas aboard both boats. The open water divers hurried ashore to practice their new dive skills off the sandy beach on Cooper Island. The Advance divers and non divers enjoyed a snorkel and a beach relaxing morning. Then it was back to the boats for lunch of bagel pizzas. The afternoon kicked off with a lesson on sea grass, and a snorkel of the Cooper Island Sea grass bed. We dried off and sailed out into the bay, raising the sails and turning off the engine for the first time. After an exhilarating sail we moored in the Norman Island Bight, famous for pirate treasure. Tomorrow will be another exciting day of diving and snorkeling, hiking and learning.

Photos to follow soon!


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