Echo OW Day 2

Posted Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Echo OW Trip Update Day 2- Claire Marian, Echo 2 Program Director

Roties (the Caribbean burrito) are a perfect dinner after the first day of dives.  It has been a long, crazy and awesome day. It was an early start, wake up at 7a.m.,  breakfast bagels and quick introductions to the dive boat and staff. Marcus is the Dive Instructor for Emily, Brandon, Harriet and DJ and he quickly puts them at ease. The four divers spent the morning at Manchenelle Bay on Cooper Island learning the basics of scuba. They are now familiar with their gear and can successfully take their masks off and put them back on underwater, which can be tricky. They went on two open water dives in the afternoon. One of the dives was at Vanishing Rock and they were greeted by the alien world under the sea. The big discovery unveiled  a huge crab (there is some speculation that it could have been a lobster, or a crab, or a lobster…) and too many fish to name. It was a great day and they returned to Hodges Marina to a relaxing evening of swimming in the pool, hanging out and learning a new card game called ‘Tonk’, which Brandon is teaching to everyone. A great day and the diving adventure continues tomorrow!


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