Early Bravo Day 3

Posted Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 10:54 am

Early Bravo Trip Update Day3- Eric von Aschwege, Early Bravo Program Director

The Early Bravo fleet woke up early this morning for a full day of activities at Cooper Island.  The Divers working towards their Open Water certification were ashore for their confined water dives. The Sail Caribbean Divers thought them how to breathe underwater and remain neutrally buoyant.  While divers practiced their skills, the rest of the Early Bravo fleet hopped onto J Phaurom and the ski boat for a short motor over toSaltIsland. 

 Once anchored, all went ashore for a hike around this nearly deserted island.  Just one caretaker lives on the island and continues to collect salt from the brackish island ponds.  The students hiked along the hills on the island, and several saw some wild goats grazing on shrubs by the beach.  Everyone stood on the point and enjoyed the spectacular view overlooking the SirFrances Drake Channel andPeterIsland to the west.  The waves crashed on the rocks, and students learned about the history ofSaltIsland and the wreck of the RMS Rhone far below. 

 After lunch, divers again returned to finish their confined water dives.  Sail Caribbean’s Colgate 26, Opal Bella sailed over for some small boat skills in the afternoon.  Rachel, Elizabeth, and Elle went out with two staff mates and enjoyed a lively sail around the bay!  Meanwhile, others had the opportunity to go tubing behind the ski boat, where Fred and Brant hung on tight around the turns!  Divers returned for dinner of BBQ chicken, and all fell asleep soon afterwards.


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