Echo 1 Day 9

Posted Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 at 1:20 pm


360 LIFE CHECK! From the beginning we have been best friends, always laughing and joking. Its day nine on our expedition and life is great! We woke up this morning anchored in St. Maarten. Within minutes we were all up getting ready for breakfast, eager to finally get two feet on land after the long sail we powered throughthe day before. Once on land we went to an open air market, some of us bought souvenirs and most of us enjoyed virgin drinks and iced coffee. Time on shore went by so fast by eleven we were all back on the boat ready for a sail to Saba. The sail went smoothly, we saw a pilot whale! This trip we have seen everything; dolphins, barracudas, whales, sea turtles, and more.  Four hours into our sail, Tim got the high five for seeing land first. As we approached closer to land the views were surreal. There were large cliffs and a white customs house. The white customs house is about 1000 stairs from the clear blue ocean. Maybe tomorrow we will do boot camp up the stairs! Today like the other eight days has been remarkable.

Written by,
Jess Tenenbaum


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