First Dive for Echo Students

Posted Thursday, May 24th, 2012 at 11:43 am

Today the crew woke up to a slightly drizzly start, but by the time the breakfast of cereal, yogurt and milk was served the bright Caribbean sunshine was present for the day. Over breakfast there was a high level of excitement as Mike, Mo and Cate were going to participate in their first of five open water towards their PADI Open Water qualifications. Before the dive boat was even reached the group had spotted some trigger fish and an upside down jelly fish.

Once on the dive boat they met their instructor Dale for the first time, and headed off to Cooper Island for their training dives. All went well, but after hearing stories about the Barracudas which are normally common in the Cooper Island Bay, they were disappointed not to see any. This disappointment didn’t last long though, Mike, Mo and Cate kitted up for their first qualifying dive, they had moved locations and were at Chromis Reef, after jumping in and completing some skills under Dale’s watchful eyes, they swam around the dive site seeing some of what the British virgin Islands had to offer; and guess what they saw: a turtle. This proved to be everyone’s highlight.

The second dive site of the day was a location called Vanishing Rock which is a very healthy shallow reef, the group saw lots of different types of coral and lots of little sea creatures, as well as multi types of fish. All in all the days diving was enjoyed by all, Mike, Mo and Cate returned to Hodges Creek Marina exhausted, Steff and Claire met the at their boat with snacks and a brand new crew member, Dave, who had arrived earlier in the day. The group went for a swim in the pool and bonded over pool games, before returning to the boat and waiting for dinner. The Pizza, chicken and pasta was a great way to end the day.


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